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body proportions tutorial by juliaofukai body proportions tutorial by juliaofukai
In this tutorial I´ll show you the proportions of human body as I draw them. Is to be say that I don´t master the art (the aren´t to much of my paintings if you look) but proportions are accurate (ask me for the links of the information, I don't put them here because I found that some things were wrong and lead to confusion, for those things That i didn´t find I improvise =) ).This tut isn't complete, but is a beginning, I would have appretiated a thing like this when I started to draw

I will explain the basics, the rest is easy (ask If you don't get something, or if my english sucks =P)

Draw a circle, then divide it in three (with lines 2 & 3) the spaces between lines should be equals
the # 1 is the top of the head
the # 2 the start of hair
the # 3 is the bottom of the forehear (right "below" are the eyes)
the # 4 indicates the bottom of the nose
Finaly you draw line # 5 (mantaining the same space that all the other lines)that indicates the bottom of the chin.

You can check with the red sketch!

Eyebrows, ears, jaw, mouth and nose sizes can be whatever you like, that identifies the character, so there is not need to be specific)
Hair shoud go further the initial circle! otherwise you will end with a painted bald

The head is 5 eyes in width (Ideally nose is one eye in width, and the width of the mouth is equal to the distance between pupils -see the green vertical lines-)
From blue lines 1 to 5 we have the length of the head (this is very important!)
The "male" body is 8 heads tall:
#1 from the top of the head to the chin
#2 from the chin to the mid-chest (the nipples)
#3 from the previous to the tummy button
#4 from the previous to the upper edge of the pubis
#5 from the previous to the mid-thigh
(now I differ from the bibliography)
#6 from the previous to the bottom of the knee
#7 from the previous to the mid-calf
#8 from the previous to the ankle

*Shoulders are "maximum" two heads height in width, situated right bellow the 1+1/3 heads line
*the lenght of the hand (from the wrist or bottom of the palm, to the finger tip) equals the distance from the hairline to the bottom of the chin (that is blue lines from 2 to 5)
*elbows are in the third head and the arm lengths up to the fifth head
*Hips are two heads width in width, situated at 3+2/3 heads
*The foot is three palms lenght

The red lines indicate a good way to delimit the body. They go from the shoulders to the pubis, and from the hips to the nipples (This is not rigid al all)

Well, I think that is ok for a starter, or to simply have an idea. When I find my old notes I will rewrite the tutorial for a girl´s body. When you get used to proportion you will no longer need all the sketch. Goog Luck!

Thank you for read up to here! Tell me If you like it or if it helped you.
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JeantineHobbit Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Very helpful indeed! :D (Though I think I'd only do this with normal people... because I draw my hobbits with less wide shoulders and shorter legs! :D) Again you did a great job with this tutorial! :)
midori-frog Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2011
haha! XD your welcome! ;P
midori-frog Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2010
that realy helps!
juliaofukai Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
woah, a comment! Thank you!
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